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Affected by Covid-19, Berat Buzhala: My father of 5 days in a coma

Affected by Covid-19, Berat Buzhala: My father of 5 days in a coma

Well-known journalist from Kosovo, Berat Buzhala, has been infected with coronavirus for two weeks. His condition is good, but that of his father, who is also infected, is not good at all.

Through a Facebook post, he gave the bad news that for 5 days, his father has been in a coma.

" I am still waiting, and I am waiting for it to come out, although it has been more than two weeks since I tested positive for Covid. Unfortunately, I was not the only one in the family who came out positive, and unfortunately there are some of us who still can't get the legs out of this long, tedious and boring battle. I'm talking about Dad. His condition continues to be critical, he has been in a coma for 5 days.

What they want to tell me is this: Keep those masks, keep your distance, and keep your hygiene. If the situation had returned as it had been two weeks ago, I had promised to wear the mask for the rest of my life. But it does not return now, all we can do is prevent other cases, prevent more disasters and more state failures.

This war will not last for a few days, nor for a few weeks. It will take several more months, and together we will be able to create a new and temporary reality, but which protects us from many family dramas.

I am convinced that in the not too distant future we still have the opportunity to stay with each other, with kcy in the dance as if to stand out, but we no longer have the opportunity to be closer to ourselves those who from our carelessness do not we are close to ourselves.

I said it another day, this year is the Return Year, not the one Kadare said.


It was impossible for me to be told to wear it, but I need to be told that this babe did not care that you had all the apples and pears broken with poison. I was excited to break the needles…. ” , he writes./