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Isa Mustafa: Today is the last opportunity to return to government, here are the conditions for Kurti!

Isa Mustafa: Today is the last opportunity to return to government, here are the

LDK leader Isa Mustafa through a status on facebook, said today is the last opportunity not to overthrow the Kosovo government.

Mustafa says Prime Minister Kurti today must abolish 100% tax on Serbia, and return the decree dismissing the Interior Minister if they want to govern together.

“Dear citizens
Dear partners of the ruling coalition

I am making public my address to Prime Minister Kurti on March 16 this year. Four days after being in his office, along with Mr. Vjosa Osmani, Speaker of Parliament and Mr. Avdullah Hoti, Vice. The Prime Minister has let us know that the failure to tariff and the tightening of relations with the US will put our coalition in question. The following address:

“Dear Prime Minister, Kurti
As a coalition partner, I and other LDK leaders share the conviction that we should not jeopardize our partnership with the US. That we should abolish the tariff and let the Government take on the responsibility that they have in the dialogue. The LDK has supported the Assembly Resolution on dialogue and will in no way endorse an agreement affecting borders and internal organization.
We cannot risk partnering with the US because of the tariff.
The strong US presence in Kosovo is vital for our country.
We have major problems with the Covid-19 virus. We must win this battle together.
We have not made the coalition to break it, but to make changes.
So I ask for your understanding that the tariff should be lifted this week. Do not understand this as a one-sided request but as a common interest.
If this continues, as soon as we overcome this emergency situation with the Virus, as LDKs, we will be forced out of the coalition, because we do not want to be responsible for disrupting relations with our main ally.
I will also inform Ambassador Grenell about this. ”

With respect,
Isa Mustafa

The response I received from Prime Minister Kurti on March 18 was the dismissal of Mr LDK's first deputy chairman, in opposition to the Coalition Agreement. Agim Veliu from the position of Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration and his proclamation, no less than a traitor in his address to the citizens that evening.
I ask you, dear citizens, some of you representatives of the diplomatic corps, but also two of the three LDK MPs: Is this the right action of our Prime Minister?
Does this move indicate that Prime Minister Kurti is committed to preserving the coalition and combating the Corona virus together?
I ask you, what other decision should the LDK make when it is so badly ignored and humiliated by the Prime Minister of the country?

I am not new to being influenced by others nor adventurous. I am very concerned about our people, the citizens of this country. I want my party and I to give everything and win the battle against this virus. I want to work with our strategic partners and not lose their support.
Even today I bow down to my people and seek understanding from my party. I expect today that Mr. Kurti will waive the fee and annul the decision to dismiss Mr. Veli. To apologize to him and the LDK for his actions and those with whom he collaborated in this low act.
To give us the opportunity to be together in this battle. IM ”- writes Mustafa./